Random Rants


Now I know that board games are really useful when you’re bored. Heavy rain + strong wind = 10-11 hrs. blackout. Played scrabble; I lost, lol. Supposedly gonna play RoundAbout, but the rules were too complicated. Shifted to upwords. ‘t was so boring. We ended up not finishing it. I haz no classes, btw.

Oh, I remember eating a unique gummy bear. Half red and half clear, well, not really half, more like 2/3 clear and 1/3 red..? lol.

It’s blurry, but you could still see the colors. Ayt?

No luck with Taiko DS 3, still. Haven’t found a compatible patch.
Am lookin` forward to Project Diva 2. Hopefully I could play it.

Something to add..

I miss Touhou, so imma post something random for me to remember all teh characters.

I’m planning on DLing Touhou again.


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