NND: clear


It’s clear’s 2nd anniversary in NND, and he has finally uploaded something. I was shock with his multiple uploads. lol
Scissor Hands 『シザーハンズ』- Hatsune Miku Original

(Re-up) Iroha Uta 『いろは唄』- Kagamine Rin Original

Flightless Bird – Megurine Luka Original

【ニコニコ動画】『Flightless Bird』を歌ってみた【clear】

I haven’t heard him sing in a while, btw. I’m glad he came back. I really like his Flightless Bird. It was the best cover of it for me, and for his new Iroha Uta… uhhm.. “Oh yeah~” lol Oh, clear’s also gonna have his solo album released soon.


1. Calc.
2. 「ねぇ。」
3. いろは唄 – DasocleaR
4. Sweet Sweet Cendrillon Drug
5. ゆびきり
6. Fire◎Flower
7. 闇色アリス
8. カンタレラ – cleanero
9. Under the Snow
10. from Y to Y

Anyways Happy 2nd Anniversary to clear~!
Am still an あにま fan, btw. :p
clear’s list in NND: DearesT


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