OneManga and Square Enix


Onemanga, one of the greatest manga scan site, is shutting down on the end of July. You’ll know what I mean when you visit their site. I was surprised with the weird pop up, but it turned out to be onemanga saying its goodbyes.
I’m really gonna miss OM. D:

It pains me to announce that this is the last week of manga reading on One Manga (!!). Manga publishers have recently changed their stance on manga scanlations and made it clear that they no longer approve of it. We have decided to abide by their wishes, and remove all manga content (regardless of licensing status) from the site. The removal of content will happen gradually (so you can at least finish some of the outstanding reading you have), but we expect all content to be gone by early next week (RIP OM July 2010).
– Zabi

While as, Square Enix announced that it’s setting up its own manga site, but it won’t be free. But right now, you can read the first chapters of Fullmetal Alchemist, Black Butler, Soul Eater, and O-Parts Hunter online for free.
Source: ANN


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