Recent State


Today, first day of my break, I did a lot of things. Not. What I actually did: read some manga, DLed touhou, watched some animu, finished Rhapsody DS, and watched Resident Evil Afterlife. Is that even counted as a lot? Idk, really. Oh, wait, I also did some translations, as what I’ve posted this morning.

Meh, Resident Evil Afterlife wasn’t all that good. Interesting at first but it became boring. I didn’t really like it. I should have played touhou, instead. Touhou Kouhentan, my newly DLed touhou, is a 2D RPG game which has Remilia as a main chara. Seeing Remilia as main character made me want to DL it. It’s actually a nice game to kill time. Speaking of games, I’m happy that I was able to finish Rhapsody, since I didn’t have the chance to finish it in PS1. I wasn’t able to complete the dolls; makes me sad.

I actually did something productive. I found a fix for taiko 3!(for R4ultra users) Refer to this post for more info.

Should I continue on posting everyday, since it’s my break and all? Maybe not. Meh, am too lazy to do so. I do have so many time to kill, though.

Another pic to make me remember the touhou characters.

LOL @ Suwako.

Touhou Kouhentan DL: here


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