Random Rants 3 — Stupidity


Having my R4ultra updated with YSmenu made me excited on playing new games. My brother asked me if I was going to DL Pokemon Black/White. I answered yeah, and told him that imma play Black. I DLed Black. He DLed White.

Started Playing; I was happy that there was a kana or kanji option. Chose kana, of course. It was easy to understand, but it takes time for me to read and understand. There we go, first battle with Bell, I won. My brother asked me if I was also gonna battle Cheren, and isn’t it unfair since you already leveled up. I ignored him.

Finally, when I was free from all the talk, I was excited on training. I wondered why it seems that the EXP bar is still white. Checked the stats, and there, I just realized that I wasn’t gaining EXP. OTL. I just wasted 1 hour of my precious break. I regret ignoring what my brother said. I thought it was just how the game works. lol. Ain’t I stupid?

Again, I was happy to see a cover of anima with clear, pokota, beiiiige, and dasoku.

Happy Halloween!

DL of Black and White with EXP fix: BlackWhite
Links aren’t mine. Got them here.


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