±(Plus Minus) English/Romaji Lyrics


【ニコニコ動画】初音ミクオリジナル ±(Plus Minus)
AVTechNO had done it again. Love the first half. The ± means positive negative thought. Probably, the first half was meant to be positive, whilst the end was negative. Just wait and hear it out till the end, and you’ll know what I mean.
【ニコニコ動画】【ニコカラ】±(Plus Minus)【On Vocal】
Karaoke ver. On Vocal

In the real world, full of mystery as far as the eye can see,
I recall the significance of tomorrow
There is nothing except completely incomprehensible things, but
I want to find out what the “value” or living is…

More so than living right here and right now,
and searching for a “purpose (significance)”
Let’s search for a PLUS (positive) of the passing “heart (time)”
So now the words which have been drowned out,
as well as the dreams I have lost sight of
I will restore them and to who I am now… I will PLUS (add) them.

Most intentions are lost in arguments
At the valid points my words are drowned out
There is only one reality…
and only one dream which I chase.

That’s why I’m going to live in this place
and continue to search for a “purpose (significance)”
When it seems as though my heart may break,
I will draw near to PLUS…
So now the words which have been drowned out,
as well as the dreams I have lost sight of
I will restore them and, inside of me…
I will PLUS(add) them

Negative, surely!
I’m being held back by past mistakes
Negative, surely! There is nothing that will go well
Negative, surely!
I can’t not worry about people’s glances
Negative, surely!
I don’t want anything to do with most people
Negative, surely!
Everyone except myself is happy, aren’t they?
Negative, surely!
All of my thoughts are being denied.
Negative, surely!
I can’t think of anything positively…

Thinking positively?
Someone like me, I’ll do that…

Miwatasukagiri nazomeiteru genjitsu no
Sekai de boku wa asu no igi wo taguriyoseru
Toutei rikai dekinaikoto bakaridakeredo
Sonzaishiteiru kacho wo miidashitainda

Ima konobasho de ikite imi wo sagashidasu yorimo
Sugoshiteyuku jikan no PLUS sagashidasou
Kakikesareta kotoba mo miushinatta yume saemo
Hikimo doshite ima no boku ni PLUS surunda

Ookuno kangae giron de umetsukusarete yuku
Datou no tokoro de boku no kotoba ga kakikesarerunda
Shinjitsu wa hitotsu oikakeru yume mo hitotsu dake

Dakare kono basho de ikite imi wo motome tsudukerunda
Kokoro ga oresouninaru tokini PLUS ni chikadukeru
Kakisareta kotoba mo miushinatta yume saemo
Hikimodoshite boku no naka ni PLUS surunda

Kakomo MISS ni toraware shibararete irunda
Umakuikukoto nanka ariwashinainosa
Tanin no shisen wo kinisezuniwa irarenai
Ookuno ningen to kakawaritakunainda
Jibunigai wa mina shiawase nandesho?
Boku no kangae wa subete hitei sareteiru
Monogoto wo maemukiniwa kangaerarenai

POSITIVE teki? Konna boku nimo ashita wa…


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  1. one can argue that it can go both ways

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