Random Rants 5


After watching Nanoha Movie, I kind of miss watching Nanoha…

I want to have my Christmas break already. I still have to wait for another 12 days till I can enjoy playing again. And as our break comes near, more school work are piling up, it’s so tiring. These works can’t fit in with my daily routine. Wouldn’t it be better if those work were set after the break? I blame Pokemon. lol. Another thing, why is it so hot even though it is already December? It’s getting hotter and hotter everyday. Weird. If only it would just snow.

Pokemon is eating my precious time again. Is still enjoying trading with others + playing in GL. Speaking of GL, I can’t seem to make my pokemon sleep. Hopefully, this problem would be solved soon.

Hmm.. I wonder if I should return the old Cirno header..
Anyways, enjoy the snow.


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