Random Rants 6


Hmmm… It’s almost 1 week since my break started and I still haven’t done anything productive. It’s still hot! Why doesn’t it get cold anymore? I wanna rant about so many useless things. ( ´Д`)

Oh, btw.. I want a Kuru Toga!

I’m seriously bored!

One more thing to rant about. Why do good animu(s) this season have to end so early?! I want more OreImo and Ika-musume. (wants Mini-Ika) I actually look like an idiot, smiling in front of the computer, while watching Ika-Musume. Call me stupid, but I don’t care. lol.

So.. I was planning on starting a post which is entitled as ‘Random Post’. What an idea, ayt?

I want to do something productive for a change, but, wait.. I’m too lazy to try out something new. I, now, therefore conclude that boredom + laziness = me.


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