Random Rants 7


Nooooooooooo, school time is here! I still don’t want to go, even if my break is boring and all. School is also boring anyway. I can, now, really feel the new year, since I’ll be sitting, once again, in the classroom for a lot of time in a day.

I have certain a goal that I want to accomplish before school starts; and that goal is to finish all my animu stocks. There’s a lot, but I want to finish it all no matter what. So for those who are waiting for L-DK chapter 9, I might release the scanlation late. I’ll be busy with school work, because there’s something that I really need to finish. But, don’t worry, I’ll start scanlating again as soon as I can.

( ゚ヮ゚)⊃ I’m really sorry, and thanks for all the support.
I never have imagined myself to be a scanlator, or to be able to scanlate even 1 chapter. So, I’m really, really grateful to all those who DLed and took their time to read it.

Good-bye, snow.. I’ll miss you. lol.


4 Responses to “Random Rants 7”

  1. verdee said

    Oh, you’re a lifesaver! You’re godsend! Thank you so much for scanlating L-DK (^-^) Looking forward to more of your scanlation. However, I know scanlating a chapter takes time so no worries. I’ll make do with the summary for now. Thank you so much once again!

  2. choco-pi said

    Thanks so much for scanning!!! Your hard work is greatly appreciated :)

  3. math games said

    post not working in firefox

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