L-DK chapter 9


Finally, I was able to do it. I tried my best on scanlating it. I kept myself busy with this, instead of playing KH. lol. Has crappy editing, though. It has crappy editing, because I’m on a rush and I want to finish as early as I can. Was supposed to be up around midnight, but meh, I was tired. Enjoy.

Will put v2, whenever I have to..


Credits: Raws — here
Summary — BebeXiu©Shoujo


13 Responses to “L-DK chapter 9”

  1. masza said

    wow this is awesome!! great job! thank you :))

  2. zaza said

    Kikou … ^^
    Merci … Tks … Gracias …. !!! For this new chapter …. ^^ …. it was really great to read it …. !!!
    Take care … ^^

  3. ajay said

    hey, I’m new here..and I really love this manga..!
    I really want to read it right now..
    can i ask how can I download the scans?:)
    thank you…

  4. Fuyu said

    Thank you soooo MUCH for providing us with LDK <3

  5. Xiao-Nei said

    Thank you very much for providing translation scans for LDK. It’s really kind of you to take time to do this for us. I wish you well with scanlations, since it’s very time consuming. :)

  6. anna said

    THANK YOU!!!

  7. dudette said

    awsm!! THANK YOU!!

  8. Venetia said

    HELLO OMG THANKS FOR THE SCANLATIONS! But i cant seem to download the chapters so is it okay if you’d send chapter 9 and 10 to me through my email? I WOULD REALLY APPRECIATE IT (;_;)

  9. Venetia said

    THANK YOU SO MUCH! o(>▽<)o

  10. kath said

    thank you so very much!!! i hope u continue to share them with us. =)

  11. m1saki said

    thanks so much!!!! m( _ _ )m

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