L-DK Chapter 10


I’m recently busy with playing and some school stuffs. Well, it seems that I’m busier with playing than doing some school work. Meh, enough of my business. Chap 10 was supposed to be uploaded yesterday, but you know, I was busy playing and a lot of things happened. I wasn’t able to finish it last night. My brother even told me to upload a part 1 and part 2 for it. lol

Sorry for the lame editing. As always, I’m too lazy to edit it properly.

DL: L-DK chap10

Credits: Raws — here
Summary — BebeXiu©Shoujo


18 Responses to “L-DK Chapter 10”

  1. emysan83 said

    Thanks for the new chapter! You’re doing great work & we all appreciate it XD

  2. masza said

    Thank you all for your hard work :)) I’m really happy and grateful, that you have enough time and motivation to do this

  3. zaza said

    Kikou … ^^

    Tks for this new chapter … it was really sweet and funny …. You do a really good work for our pleasure and I’m very happy ^^ …

    So tks again and let see what will happen in the next chapter …. !!!
    Bises !!!

  4. Mary said

    THANK YOU <3333

  5. shmobeline said

    Thanks very much! I really appreciate your hard work!

  6. Huyen said

    You’re amazing! Thank you so much!

  7. kuronekox said

    Thank oh so very much! I appreciate all the hard work you do to translate it! XD

  8. Chiyo-chan said

    Thank you so much for the amazing hard work! I’m so grateful!!! this manga rocks!!!! Keep up the good work PLEASE!

  9. ajay said

    i really love it..!!!
    hope you continue to translate this manga..

  10. Niyami said

    Really love you for translate this manga :)

  11. ichirako said

    hi! thanks for sharing us the translated L-DK. looking forward to the next chapters. i hope you’ll continue translating. keep up the good work! >_<

  12. Kishi said


  13. kreta said

    a big thank you from germany…love your work ….and i look forward to the next chapter =)

  14. Catita said

    thanks for your hard work! ^^’ i really appreciate that you can take some time for doing this, it’s great! Muchas Gracias!

  15. dudette said

    again, YOU ARE AWESOME!!
    thanks for your scanning thing. ILY! >:D<

  16. row said

    thank you from italy…you are the best!

  17. purpledesu said

    another from italy.. thank you so much for translating it. we really appreciate it.. i wish you continue to translates the other chapter.. the best!!! XD

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