Random Rants 8


Mhmm.. What happened to the random post title, ehh? Random post should be for my random drawings, but, meh, too lazy. I was supposed to draw a tribute for Ace and Whitebeard. So, may I ask, why am I so lazy?

I’m not really motivated to do this right now.. but.. it just seem too weird to have my home page full of Japanese stuff and not my rants. I should start doing something productive. Games, animu(s), and mangas are always revolving around my everyday life. Plus school, of course. Well.. School, huh.. I was supposed to the do something, but… You prolly know what I’m gonna say next, ayt? Hey, me, get a life will you?

Here I am, bored and lazy, but I’m still writing. Yes, I’m bored and it resulted to googling “I’m bored”. Something actually interested me. lol. Here it is:

Things to do when you’re bored:

  • Learn another language — X – prolly not
  • Ride a bike — X – don’t know how
  • Plan a treasure hunt — X – too lazy
  • Plant some vegetables — X – srsly?
  • Paint a picture — X – (・A・)
  • Walk up a hill — X – it’s already late..
  • Do something scary — X – liek?
  • Read a book — X – too lazy..
  • Do a jig saw — X – give me one
  • Make some bread. Naan breads are great if you haven’t much time — X – want a pizza
  • Visit a local castle — X –  ┐(‘~`;)┌
  • Phone up a friend that you have not spoken to for over a year — X – hate phones
  • Sing — X – nah.
  • Type two words at random into Google. You’d be surprised where you can end up. If you can’t think of anything to type try “What’s Cool” — √ – already did, and that’s why I have this list.
  • Go fishing  — X – no, just no.

I only did one thing. lol. I’m planning to change my theme again, it seems that it’s harder to go around with it this time. Will prolly add something like an archive, too.

That’s that, then. Can’t think of anything to add anymore. ノシ


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