New Theme 3


Well.. Black or White? Suggestions please.

Since I played Black, it will be black for now.

Change the theme for the sake of archives, but I would prolly do it tomorrow since it’s late and all.

Man, the Remilia theme didn’t last long. lol. I seem to have this bad habit, whenever I do something new with PS I would want to use it right away. I remember when I was still a regular in CR (<– made me lol), I made a Rin avi and it was supposed to be for future use. What happened was its waiting time didn’t even last for 2 days. I kind of like this one better anyway. This kind of reminds me of my past theme. Yes, the Cirno theme.

I also change the way I post. Included a ‘continue reading’ option, just for the sake of making my blog short, especially with the lyrics.

Credits to わたのはらさん for the images.

Another useless post. :) Tupaa….


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