Post vs. Rants?


As you can see I’m still alive. lol. Still busy with school stuffs, though. Two more weeks and I’m free! YES! Freedom here I come! As for that, I’m planning to scanlate Heart no Kuni no Alice’s last 5 chapters. Well, is that a good idea or bad idea? I’m still gonna continue L-DK, btw.

Hrrmm.. I might consider using Post rather than Rants. NOT. Wow, I’m making Post a big issue, but yes, I won’t be using it anymore. As for the future drawings, which I doubt I’ll be posting, I’ll think of another title. So bye bye Post, nice having you in at least 1 post.

A random comment for Madoka. Kyubey is annoying, and does not fit the cute little stuff animal or whatsoever character.

Anyways, speaking of Madoka I just found something fun. Well.. Not really.. It’s a flash game of ‘Madoka throwing the soul gem’. Found it here.

Want to try teh game? Have fun~

I did some update for the album archives. Used pictures than words. Click the album jacket for the link.


6 Responses to “Post vs. Rants?”

  1. Chiyo-chan said

    Thank you so much for continuing LDK. I really love this manga and I think you do a great job! I’m so looking foward to the next chapter!
    Keep up the good work!

  2. Kara said

    First of all, thanks for all your good work. I love L-DK ^__^
    About Heart no Kuni, it’s a good manga, if you want to translate it, do it.
    Soon you’ll be free! *___*
    Good Luck!!

  3. ajay said

    thanks for still continuing L-DK..
    it’s one of may favorites..:)

    you only have 2 more weeks..Ü

  4. qwe1 said

    I’ve been wondering for a while now but are you a girl?

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