Heart no Kuni no Alice Chapter 31


A random picture because I liek Ace. Got it from the manga itself. :)

I kindly present you guys chapter 31. Since it had been dropped by other groups, I’ll be uploading this to MF; but would ask for a 2 days waiting time. Well, I just hope that you enjoy the releases. If ever you’re not contented with it, I’m sorry but that’s just how it is. Base on the other posts, you could clearly get the idea that I’m lazy. Sorry for the lame editing and all..

Man, this is harder than what I thought.. So far, this is the most time consuming. It’s harder to scanlate something without the help of a summary.. >_< Anyways, sorry if there are mistakes.

DL: chap31
chapter 31 – 35

Due to some circumstances, I removed the link to MF. If you want it, tell me, and I’ll email it to you.

Credits: Raws — here


13 Responses to “Heart no Kuni no Alice Chapter 31”

  1. Tania said

    Umm, I can’t download the manga could you check again the link please?!! >.<

  2. emysan83 said

    Wow thanks! I’m glad you picked this one up ^^ I like it! And it was at such a cliffhanger, too. I’m looking forward to reading this chapter! Thanks so much ^^

  3. hannah said

    Yay ^ ^ Thanks , ive been waiting for this chapter for so long , glad youve started : ) there is so many people who want to read vol 6 Thannk you!!!

  4. pepperpia said

    Thank you! I was hoping someone might scan it seeing as so man groups had dropped it! If you would like some help, just drop me a line, I might not be that helpful but just ask and I’ll try and help!

  5. Random said

    Thanks for continuing this manga. It’s been one of my favourites since I first came across it. I look forward to future releases.

  6. Winkee said

    I though nobody would even bother updating this manga!

  7. arawr said

    oh wow THANK YOUU i wasn’t planning on even looking for this when i stumbled here but i’m so happy i did!! XD

  8. renji_chan said

    Thank you so much for your hard work!

    One tiny request though, I can’t download the two chapters, and I was wondering if you would be able to send me the mediafire link?

    Thanks so much again!

  9. Anra said

    Awesome! Thanks so much! Can’t download, though. Please send me MF link? *puppy eyes*

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