In the middle of exam week, but I don’t plan on studying anymore. Who cares anyway? No, I’m just kidding, I still care. I just hope I’ll pass. Anyways, after the final exam tomorrow, like what I said, I’ll be freeeeee! Yaaaay! That given, don’t expect me to release faster since, I’ll be really busy playing. I’ll probably finish Alice soon, maybe, next month at most..? I’ll do my best anyway. Don’t expect too much. I actually fail at it, and thanks to all the readers, btw! I really appreciate all your thanks.. :)

Recently, someone just asked me what my gender really is. Well, what do you think? It’s prolly obvious, but I guess I’ll keep that to myself. lol.

Has to wait for another day just to play Duodeciiiiim—- boooo! Will it be worth it to play Pokemon Black or White in US version?

EDIT– Uwaaaahh.. I just heard ASK’s nama!!! He also likes のど飴!(≧ロ≦) The 3 of them are so cute. lol. Ain’t it obvious now? You do know what I mean, right? Anyways, played duodecim, and 6/?? wins, loser much? I just hate how our memory stick is broken. I can’t even enjoy it.

Edited this post because I don’t really know what to write in the read more. It seems just kind of empty to only post links. Gaah… I feel like it’s all wrong. My grammar, I mean. Oh well, whatever. xD

Duodecim — Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy — DDFF
for more info go here.

for DDL links go here.
MF, HF, FS, MU links available.


8 Responses to “Blaaah…”

  1. ajay said

    congrats and good luck on ypur exams..:)

  2. Chiyo-chan said

    Good luck on your final exam!!!!! GAMBATTE!!!!
    What exam are you taking(high school, college or other?) (well, if you want to tell, I’m just a nosy girl XD)
    A girl or a boy? You said it’s obvious but to be honest, I still have no idea!^^ You could even be both XD
    Enjoy your free time!

  3. sebastian said

    i know ur a girl hehe :D

  4. sebastian said

    yap :D hehehe :))

  5. sebastian said

    i’m sure :))

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