Heart no Kuni no Alice Chapter 32


Yes, there’s still more Ace!

This was supposed to be done 3 days ago, but I lost motivation and became lazy because I was hooked to Siesta. Siesta is a really good manhwa. I highly recommend it. :) Well, anyways, here is chapter 32. I was actually motivated when I went to MF’s forums and saw how happy you guys were when this was updated. I was really happy that you enjoyed reading this. (laughs) You don’t have to thank me, but instead, support and give credits to the mangaka. I don’t own anything here anyway. Anyways, once again, enjoy~

I’m kind of happy that this chapter was easier than 31. lol. This might be a spoiler, but I enjoyed doing this chapter because of Ace. :p

DL link: chapter 32

If ever you got this notice, “This file is either removed due to copyright claim or is deleted by the uploader”, try refreshing. There seems to be a problem with HF. If this continues, I’ll just change to another file host.

chapter 31 – 35

Credits: Raws — here


10 Responses to “Heart no Kuni no Alice Chapter 32”

  1. emysan83 said

    squee squee~ You say no thanks are in order but…
    Thank you so much! I’m so glad that you translated this for us!! Thanks again!!!
    (Oh and it did that notice thing a few times for me too. But I got it to work eventually^^)

  2. me said

    Thnakies!!!!!!!!! and i love ace, so yay!!!1 heh e

  3. Clarence said

    Thanks so much!!!!! XD XD XD

  4. miaou said

    thanks a lot! your scans are great! ^^

  5. Vanessah said

    Thanks so much for the new chapter! >3<

  6. kagome84 said

    Thank you so much for continuing with this series!! :D

  7. Random said

    Thank you very much.

  8. pepperpia said

    Thank you! Oh my! It’s starting to get near the end!

  9. Hikari said

    THANKSSSSS!!!! :D they’re only 6 vol. sooo i’m quite exiting about the end and, at the same time, i know i will miss it x3 ¡Gabatte! :D

  10. Valeria said

    Thank you for continuing with this manga!!!!

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