Credits goes to riipah from mikuchan. Thank you very much for uploading! :) Symphony full ver. is love.
I’m kind of sad from what had happened with Japan. Deepest condolence to everyone involved in Japan’s tsunami and earthquake incident.

Track list:
1. Symphony(feat.初音ミク)
2. かくれんぼ(feat.相沢舞) 
3. アルビノ(feat.初音ミク) 
4. Tru La La(feat.初音ミク) 
5. Flashback(feat.YOME) 
6. GALLOWS BELL(feat.初音ミク) 
7. Fantastic Cyborg(feat.初音ミク)
8. 御名前(feat.初音ミク) 
9. 赤い雨(feat.nana takahashi(SOUND HOLIC))
10. Marygold(feat.花たん)
11. それじゃあね(feat.初音ミク)

DL link: HERE
I won’t reupload this, since it is not mine.


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