The End — おわり —


My snack through out the day. (*´▽`*)


Something unrelated, but I don’t care, this is my 10th scanlation/translation. YAY! It’s 10th because I included L-DK chap11. Like what I said before, I’ve never imagined myself doing these things. Learning Japanese was actually for my own convenience, but I don’t really know what came to me and made me start doing these things… I don’t know myself that much, but let’s just see what more can I do in the future.

Yeah right, as if I’ve done something great. Never mind that, anyways, you don’t have to thank me, but instead, support and give credits to the mangaka. I don’t own anything here anyway.


DL link: yaaaay
chapter 31 – 35

Credits: Raws — here
Proofreader: Icarus


15 Responses to “The End — おわり —”

  1. jeannie said

    Thank you for all your hard works!!!

  2. kagome84 said

    Thank you SO MUCH for working on this project until the end!! :D

  3. emysan83 said

    Thanks so much! I’m glad to read a new chapter of this manga ^^

  4. Vanessah said

    Thanks for the last chapter! :D

  5. Meer said

    Thanks for all the hard work!
    This manga is so good~ I hope Clover gets picked soon!

  6. shizukesa said

    Thanks for the last chapter~

  7. pepperpia said

    Thank you! so much for all the hardwork!

  8. Random said

    Thank you for the release, for taking up this manga and completing it. Most appreciated!

  9. Nea said

    Thank you soooo much XD

  10. Anonymous said

    You said you included chapter 11 for L-DK, but I don’t see it?
    Thank you for all the hard work though! Although you don’t translate L-DK as much as the other manga you’re doing I’m always happy when you update.
    I hope people learn to respect your wishes about uploading your releases onto manga sites.

    Thanks again and keep up the good work! :-)

  11. Anon#X said

    Thank you for your hard work ^^
    I’m so happy to see this release that I could play Mary Gowland’s song of joy~!

  12. Kishi said

    Thank you SO. MUCH. QvQ!!!
    Your effort is greatly appreciated <3333

  13. Akari said

    Thank you! ♥

  14. stoopod said

    thank you so much!!

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