L-DK Scans


“So why was L-DK uploaded again? -_-”

Ah~haaah– Deleted everything in the original post. Post properly edited.

Disregard it. I’ve decided that I’ll allow it to be uploaded anywhere. There’s nothing I can do about it. More like, making it a big deal isn’t really something that is worth doing. Spending my time translating was actually fun, although my back hurts from it. lol. Anyways, a lot of thanks to everyone who was supporting my point of view. Thank you very much. Still, I really did something bad, and I want to say sorry. Letting people read more of it is actually a good thing. So, yeah, everything I put up here can be spread through out the world on however you want it to be and I don’t need anything in exchange. So you may do whatever you want. Spread it, bad mouth it, etc., but just don’t sell it or claim it as yours, please. I don’t own anything, so it’s the same with you guys. A change of heart, indeed. It wouldn’t hurt to have it on other sites. As long as it’s not being a direct source of money, anything is fine.

I’ll probably ask Black.Lilac about it, and I’ll let them decide. It’s better that way. I got a go from them. (・∀・) I joined Shoujo Addiction to avoid those kind of problems happening again. They also had a go from Black.Lilac.

Gaaaaah… It’s a pain to edit every post. >_> If ever I missed to edit a post, just ignore it. So, now, just enjoy everything. Links through chap7-10 are back again.


30 Responses to “L-DK Scans”

  1. Pissed off dude. said

    Ok first I want to say to the person who uploaded it, I REALLY HOPE YOU READ THIS :) you are a fucking selfish bastard that deserves to eat dirt. All i really wanna do is hurt you, really, REALLY badly.


    you ruined our shot on getting the rest of L-DK done because BlackLilac Scans take a WHOLE YEAR to upload 2 chapters. (JUST THE TRUTH!) Now we will have to wait a few years instead to get a few chapters.

    I’m sorry tattletalks for the major inconvenience, thank you so much for everything you have done until now. Ok, please excuse me to I can cry for a few hours and find the bitch that did this. :)

  2. msmm said

    in deed… thought the QC put a note in Jan already. Which idiot cannot read English >.<

  3. msmm said

    Oops .. sorry, I forgot to mention my gratitude for your hardwork. It means a lot to those of us like it but cannot get hold of a copy.

  4. Samantha said

    please continue the series :'(
    it might be too much to ask but you did a amazing job until now dont let one idiot get to you.

    i mean, you wont gain or loose anything but stopping L-DK.
    but many fans out there are probably ripped apart by this.

    that’s all thanks to that one retard. :(

  5. smiley said

    what does it mean “links be down for a while”
    so are you going to continue to post chapters like you use to and not put links? is that what u mean? or ur gonna take a break?

    -another question = why cant U scan L-DK, i mean honestly, i bet a HANDFUL of people would like that better then BlackLilac!!!

    • tattletalk said

      the links for chap 7-10 are temporarily removed. BlackLilac wants to finish this manga because this is their first project so I want to respect them

  6. Nim said

    Damn. Just……damn. I really appreciate what you were doing and although you might not have been the ‘best’ at it, only one way to get better right? Too bad there isn’t some sort of VIP or something so people couldn’t just up and do crap like this. I’m really sorry and I hope you’ll continue on (you did say you were). This is just some friendly encouragement and appreciation from a grateful follower/fan.

    Thanks and I’ll keep checking in ^^!

  7. Jasmine.. said

    what an absolute IDIOT ….
    i personally HATE the person who uploaded it on MF…. :@

    i hope the links come back soon…. :(

    p.s. : thank you so much tattletalk for your hardwork….^_^
    i m from India…and there is no place here where i can buy mangas…and i dont understand chinese/japanese/korean etc etc so i really appreciate your works….dont let that bast**d get to you :))

  8. smiley said

    would it piss you off if people convinced BlackLilac Scans to let it go? They have tried to give that project to another group before. You seem to have nice scans, be fairly fast, and have correct english/grammar. I dont know why you say “your not good at it” your pretty damn good. xD

  9. Ale said

    I just read L-DK on Mangafox, happened to look at the threads, and saw a topic about your site (with a link to it, and a link to your notice about not uploading). Now I get that you’ve worked hard to scanslate and all, but I don’t get why you don’t want it to be uploaded. Why only have it available here for private viewing? I wouldn’t take something if I was told not to, but I am questioning the reason not to take it.
    Do you want people to only be able to read your scanslations from this site? I just don’t see much of a difference, except that you’d be getting more traffic on your site if the manga was only available here. Understandable, but yeah, I’m still curious about your actual reasons for not allowing others to upload it.
    This isn’t meant to be an offensive post, I’m just wondering about these things.

    • tattletalk said

      I don’t really care if people started to read this, but what I care about is what the original scanlator’s wishes and of course the mangaka. Obviously there’s already a lot of people who wanted to read it, so I took the time to translate it while I don’t own anything in it. This manga is not mine, and these raws aren’t mine as well. I’m going to ask you, if you were in my place and what you’re doing is illegal are you willing to upload it to other sites? Even if I knew it was illegal, I still did it for the sake of those who wants to read on. If you really like to read the continuation of the manga, it wouldn’t hurt you to just google out what you want and actually DL it. No actual use to upload it right?

  10. aiMiXue said

    I feel bad for you,
    NO ONE should be uploading YOUR scans to those manga hosting sites~
    If they wanted to read L-DK, they should’ve come Here.
    I, personally don’t read off Mangafox,…etc.
    I get them directly from the contributor =]

    Well, I hope people appreciate your hardwork in putting your time & effort in this project (& the chapters be removed from those sites).

  11. yome said

    i was happy reading this manga and i just notice the post in mangafox , actually i understand your feeling T_T
    anyway I really appreciate your hard work and i’m happy to know about ur site ^^ …. u r not to blame if u delet everything ~

  12. ajay said

    aaww man.. someone posted it.. AGAIN.?!!
    i’m sad .. :(
    your work really is great.. and im whole heartedly grateful for doing the translation of L-DK ..:)
    i hope.. this won’t let you stop translating them though..

  13. Jeje said

    I’m so pissed!
    I’m Italian, so how am I supposed to read this manga if I can’t buy it?
    It took me 2 days to find a website with english scans of L-DK…
    I was looking foward to your work… and now…
    I can’t believe there’s actually an idiot who can’t even understand the meaning of DON’T!
    Anyway… Thank you so much for your hard work! :)
    I really hope that idiot will feel guilty and regret what he/she has done.
    (Sorry. My english isn’t very good.)

  14. ajay said

    wow.. >.<
    great.. I just read that you got a go from Black Lilac.. :)
    thanks for everything..Ü

  15. Connie said

    It was uploaded again!?!? Wow.. I’m impressed… in how much of a idot they are!! People are idiots these days. I will keep on waiting though. Your scans are pretty good. I love em’! I don’t see how your not good at them. They’re fast and have nice english. I love your scans. Thank you for all your hard work! I appeciate it! I think that person should think of you and consider your hard work. Its not like he/she made the scans. People these days

  16. BabyDoll said

    Tattletalk, can you please post the links? I’ve been dying to read the scans! Please, it’s my first time to visit your site and it was Shmook who mentioned you’re doing the scans for L-DK. Thank you in advance! ^^

  17. aiMiXue said

    I’m wondering if you will continue this,
    there are Raws for L-DK Vol. 1-6
    Here: http://love-manhwa.blogspot.com/2011/05/l-dk.html

  18. sara said

    actually I don’t Like L-DK that much but I was interested in what was going on
    I think it’s totally your right to not want it uploaded but it’s even though stingy ..
    but I like the people like you .. your not stubborn and admit it was somehow wrong ..

    I don’t know where you are from but at least I know that you won’t expect that someone from where I live is reading Your translate

    if you’re doing that to save your rights and make the people who read it know that your the one who worked hard I think they know (as long as you put your credit) and appreciate it much more than you could ever think
    that is what I have toward everyone who work hard just to make the other happy without waiting thing in return

    thank you very much for your hard work
    I wish you good luck in your life

  19. sara said


    I think it’s totally your right to not want it uploaded even though stingy

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