I just wanna say that I’m going to drop L-DK.
Well, I’m getting busy and Shoujo Manhwa already picked it up. Sorry for getting your hopes up, but at least you get to read it again. Plus it’s better and faster. :)


4 Responses to “L-DK”

  1. Chiyo-chan said

    too bad you’re dropping L-DK. I thought you were doing a great job translating this manga! but, I understand you’re busy right now with your own private life so thank you very much for the hard work you’ve provided with this manga up until now!

    • tattletalk said

      I’m translating it because no one seems to be interested with it, so now that it has been picked up. i’ll drop it. :)

      • Chiyo-chan said

        yep, it used to be translated by another scanlation team and they only scanlated 3 or 4 chapters and dropped it, but thanks to you, I was able to read it up to chap 10 so I’m really grateful! once again thank you so much :)
        are you currently working on another manga? (you must have already posted about that but sorry, my memory can be really bad sometimes, and I’m too lazy to look for old post lol)

      • tattletalk said

        yep, but it’s from another group.. :) but I haven’t picked up anything yet..

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