From Which Scanlations:
Shuusei Kugayama is the “prince” of his high school, but he always turns down confessions–including one from Aoi Nishimori’s best friend. Although she initially hates him for this, when Shuusei moves in next door to Aoi, who lives alone, she starts thinking that he might not be such a bad guy after all…

Note: chapter 1 – 6 can be found in Black.Lilac scans.

chapter 7
chapter 8
chapter 9
chapter 10


6 Responses to “L-DK”

  1. orca said

    thank you sooo much for continuing this have such a BIG heart for forgiving those idiots..can’t wait for the next translation..have a happy translating..XD

  2. Connie said

    Can’t wait =)

  3. aiMiXue said

    Wondering if you are working on chapter 11?

    • tattletalk said

      i’ll continue it, but i joined a group that is also scanlating this. they are catching up with chapters 7-10, but i’ve already given them the translation for 11.. So it’s only a matter of time until it’s released..

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