Unhappy Refrain


Credits goes to Anon for posting this in mikuchan. Mmphh.. It’s wowaka, you know. WOWAKA. lol. Plus, it’s in 320kbps or so I heard.
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Credits goes to riipah from mikuchan. Thank you very much for uploading! :) Symphony full ver. is love.
I’m kind of sad from what had happened with Japan. Deepest condolence to everyone involved in Japan’s tsunami and earthquake incident.
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I’ve been wanting this since the first time I heard the cross fade.
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Finally! I’ve really wanted this album. Papiyon never fails to amaze me.
allegro reminds me of specification.. lol
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It has been so long since I last posted… xD

Anyways, an early demo of Rin’s sweet append was released, and it’s really SWEET. She already blends well with Miku’s sweet append. It’s cute but not high pitched. Then there’s still Len and Luka append to look forward to.

The first would be Miku, then the next is Rin.
Hatsune Miku and Kagamine Rin’s sweet demo