I just wanna say that I’m going to drop L-DK.
Well, I’m getting busy and Shoujo Manhwa already picked it up. Sorry for getting your hopes up, but at least you get to read it again. Plus it’s better and faster. :)


L-DK Scans


“So why was L-DK uploaded again? -_-”

Ah~haaah– Deleted everything in the original post. Post properly edited.

Disregard it. I’ve decided that I’ll allow it to be uploaded anywhere. There’s nothing I can do about it. More like, making it a big deal isn’t really something that is worth doing. Spending my time translating was actually fun, although my back hurts from it. lol. Anyways, a lot of thanks to everyone who was supporting my point of view. Thank you very much. Still, I really did something bad, and I want to say sorry. Letting people read more of it is actually a good thing. So, yeah, everything I put up here can be spread through out the world on however you want it to be and I don’t need anything in exchange. So you may do whatever you want. Spread it, bad mouth it, etc., but just don’t sell it or claim it as yours, please. I don’t own anything, so it’s the same with you guys. A change of heart, indeed. It wouldn’t hurt to have it on other sites. As long as it’s not being a direct source of money, anything is fine.

I’ll probably ask Black.Lilac about it, and I’ll let them decide. It’s better that way. I got a go from them. (・∀・) I joined Shoujo Addiction to avoid those kind of problems happening again. They also had a go from Black.Lilac.

Gaaaaah… It’s a pain to edit every post. >_> If ever I missed to edit a post, just ignore it. So, now, just enjoy everything. Links through chap7-10 are back again.

My snack through out the day. (*´▽`*)


Something unrelated, but I don’t care, this is my 10th scanlation/translation. YAY! It’s 10th because I included L-DK chap11. Like what I said before, I’ve never imagined myself doing these things. Learning Japanese was actually for my own convenience, but I don’t really know what came to me and made me start doing these things… I don’t know myself that much, but let’s just see what more can I do in the future.

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I was really bored, so I decided to work my lazy ass off. (´ー`)

So here’s chapter 34. Ahhh, 1 more to go and it’s done. What now? I don’t really know. I did not include the ‘Note’ stuff anymore, because those red fonts hurt my eyes. No, I’m kidding. Kidding aside, I didn’t include it anymore because I trust you guys. If anything happens, well.. That’s that.
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Gaaaaahhh.. I’m too lazy to find a picture this time. I’m really tired, and I have nothing to say. Again, this chapter was delayed. t’was supposed to be done yesterday, but there was a lot of distraction. Want me to enumerate? Nah, it’s too bothersome. lol. I better post something on the 28. Why? Look at the calendar.
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Do you know that I have a thing for periods? Notice that I always put ‘..’ every after a sentence on my comments. Well, I’m trying to avoid doing it here. Anyways, Look there <–. Yes, it's random posts. :D I was thinking of a good title for calender and that came to me.

Baaaah… Why the title, ehh? Idk myself. lol. Let's just say, it represents the things going on. Like things being in nothingness, or just plainly doing nothing. Wait. Did that even made sense?

I just hope Japan is doing alright. All the world is with you Japan! You’re not alone! これが世界の声だ. 日本は一人じゃない、みんなで乗り越えよう! きっと乗り越えられる! みんな頑張っています.

Watch a video to support Japan.

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Yes, there’s still more Ace!

This was supposed to be done 3 days ago, but I lost motivation and became lazy because I was hooked to Siesta. Siesta is a really good manhwa. I highly recommend it. :) Well, anyways, here is chapter 32. I was actually motivated when I went to MF’s forums and saw how happy you guys were when this was updated. I was really happy that you enjoyed reading this. (laughs) You don’t have to thank me, but instead, support and give credits to the mangaka. I don’t own anything here anyway. Anyways, once again, enjoy~

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